Hi, I am Iris!

Hello and welcome to OneDueTresLanguages Courses and Tutoring! 

My name is Iris and I will be your instructor.  I was born in the Caribbean but grew up in a small town in northern Italy and lived there for over 20 years before moving to the US.  I started learning English in my first year of Elementary School and from that day on, I became obsessed with learning it. I would beg my parents to buy me magazines or books in English so that I could read them and translate them as best as I could. With the advent of DVD movies (ahem--showing my age here!), I started watching movies in English with subtitles, pausing often to try and decipher what the actors were saying.  Fast forward to my early 20s, I was lucky enough to land a job as an administrative assistant for a small spa and the owner happened to be American, so I got to practice English with him and his wife. 

Learning new languages is one of my favorite hobbies and I really enjoy teaching them as well.  I’ve been teaching languages PT for over 10 years, both as a tutor in one-on-one settings, and in groups. From me, you can always count on a patient, understanding, and clear instructor and I am committed to helping you learn in a fun and practical way. 

Are you ready to learn?  Sign up to any of the classes you're interested in and let's get to work!