• Do I have to attend live lessons?

    You don't have to attend them but during live lessons, you will have a chance to ask your instructor for further clarification if you need it. However, all lessons will be recorded and made accessible to you within 24-hours so you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. As a reminder, all lessons will be downloadable.

  • If I attend a live class, do I have to have a webcam?

    Don't worry if you do not have a webcam, as it is not required for you to show your face during any of the live lessons (you can, of course, do so if you wish!).

  • Do I have to participate in discussions or exercises during live lessons?

    It is not required but it's certainly encouraged to ask questions or to engage with your peers and instructors. During some of the live lessons, your instructor may ask you to practice pronunciation exercises, but if you are shy or prefer not to answer publicly, please let your instructor know ahead of time and they will surely keep that in mind.

  • What type of weekly assignments will I be doing?

    For beginner's courses, the main types of assignments you will be doing are listening and pronunciation/speaking exercises. For intermediate courses, along with listening and pronunciation/speaking exercises, you will also be doing grammar-based exercises.

  • Are assignments mandatory?

    Assignments are not mandatory, but they are an integral part of the course. Through weekly assignments, you will be able to gauge your progress and identify where you may need to study more or what type of further assistance your instructor can give you.

  • Can I email my instructor if I am having issues with a lesson or assignment?

    Of course! Your instructor will be available via email during the office hours outlined in the welcome email you received when you signed up for your course, or under "a note from your instructor" tab in your course.

  • What other type of useful resources will I have access to?

    During all live courses, each week you will have the opportunity to share and discuss with your instructor and peers what you learned that week, any tips you may have, or get assistance if you're struggling with any of the weekly learning materials. When available, these are outlined in your course as "on-lesson discussions". All discussions will be moderated, but please remember, when posting, replying, or engaging with your instructor or peers (publicly or privately), please be mindful, respectful, and polite.